Five Reasons to see an Esthetician

Lisa Crosier - skin care expert, Bellingham.1. Estheticians provide expert advice. There is so much confusing and contradictory information available to the average consumer that it really helps to have a professional to discuss it with and who has the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choices.

2. Estheticians get to know you and your skin. By visiting your skincare professional on a regular basis, they get to know your skin and what it responds well to, as well as what may irritate it. This personalized knowledge is something that cannot be attained any other way.

3. Estheticians can provide treatments that you can’t do yourself. For example, a SilkPeel Dermalinfusion treatment requires special equipment and training, so it’s something that only a qualified esthetician can perform.

4. Estheticians have products that are unavailable in stores. While there are many skincare products that are available locally or online, professionals have product lines that may require special training to use and are therefore only available from an esthetician.

5. Estheticians can provide a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Although there are exceptions depending on the procedure, many skincare treatments help you unwind and make you feel pampered. By. Finishes By Fonda Jo’s photo.

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The Number One Cause of Wrinkles

Did you know that you can get a 50 percent decrease in the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, when sunscreen is applied daily? (Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology) Since May is National Melanoma Month, it’s the perfect time to integrate a healthy sun protection approach into your daily skin care routine.

Not only is it good for your health, sun protection is the #1 anti-aging product I recommend to my clients. It prevents premature wrinkles, reduces the chances of getting sun spots and hyperpigmentation and is a must for the sake of your health. Here’s five things you need to know about sunscreen to ensure you’re getting the best protection for your skin:

sunscreen1. Sunscreen must be applied generously.

2. Don’t get overly confident with a high SPF number.

3. Sunscreen built in your foundation makeup is just not enough.

4. If you’re prone to sensitivity or breakouts, choose a sunscreen formula with Zinc Oxide.

5. Sunscreens degrade from sunlight and your skin’s natural oil.
This is why reapplying sunscreen every few hours is so necessary. However, reapplying often is not always practical. Are you supposed to wash your face, reapply sunscreen, reapply makeup and repeat this every two hours during the day?  Not so easy. The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to ensure that your skin is protected all day is to dust your skin every few hours with a good mineral powder formulated with sunscreen. They are considered “dry” sunscreens and make reapplying very simple. My personal favorite (and the one I use faithfully) is Bare Minerals purepressed base mineral foundation.  It provides 20 SPF protection each time you dust it over you face, neck and shoulders.  Sunscreen re-application has never been so quick and easy!

Be smart and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Anti-Aging: Why Retinols Work!

Retin-A the only ones scientifically shown to improve skin appearance.Out of all of the “anti-aging” ingredients available on the market today, retinoids are the only ones scientifically shown to work on a molecular level.

Retinoids refer to prescription-strength ingredients like tretinoin or tazarotene. These have 25 years of scientific evidence to support their effects. Retinol is the gentler “cousin” of retinoids, and this is what is found in over-the-counter products. These are not as strong and therefore don’t deliver the results of a prescription-strength cream, but they also have scientific evidence to show they work.

Retinoids are still the most highly recommended by dermatologists since it’s the only ingredient proven without a doubt to improve the cellular function of aged and photodamaged skin.  It helps to improve skin texture, wrinkles, and diminish brown spots. Overall, it gives the skin a healthy glow.

    Click to watch Dr. Oz’s illustrated explanation

Dr. Oz confirms retinoids improve skin texture and appearance.

Retinoids work on a molecular level because skin cells contain retinoid receptors that help regulate certain functions. With age and sun damage, these functions deteriorate. The regular use of a retinoid helps to normalize these functions. Retinoids improve skin texture and reduce dark spots by speeding up skin cell turnover that slows down as we age. They reduce blackheads and minimize pores, both of which worsen with too much sun exposure. But the most powerful effects of retinoids are on collagen, the building blocks of the skin. Retinoids have a dual effect here: They not only help to decrease the amount of collagen breakdown from sun exposure by preventing the rise of an enzyme called collagenase, but they also help to stimulate the production of new collagen.

Intensive Age Refining TreatmentSince retinoids are the most powerful anti-aging ingredient available, they are recommended for almost every skin type. However, they can be very irritating. Therefore, it’s best to start slowly with a non-prescription retinol containing cream.

Jan Marini has developed a highly potent 0.5% pure retinol blended with a host of anti-aging, hydrating and soothing agents that offers outstanding age control benefits.  It’s the perfect product to begin treating the visible signs of aging.  This intensive age refining treatment is available at Lisa Crosier Skincare. Call (360) 738-4600 to learn more about this proven product and to start reversing the signs of aging.

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